Moroccan Embassy Celebrates National Day Online

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Jakarta – The Moroccan Embassy in Indonesia celebrated the National Day of the Kingdom of Morocco on Friday, July 30, 2021, at the Moroccan Ambassador’s Official Residence, South Jakarta. The celebration of Morocco’s National Day, which marks the 22nd anniversary of King Mohammed VI ascending the throne as King of Morocco, can be watched online virtually on youtube.

The Moroccan Embassy invited several parties to attend the event, including Representatives of the Embassies in Indonesia and Ministries/Institutions of the Republic of Indonesia as well as working partners of the Moroccan Embassy. As in previous years, the Embassy also invited PPWI Chairperson Wilson Lalengke to attend the 2021 Moroccan National Day Celebration.

The event began with listening the national anthems of the two countries, the Cherifien Hymn and Indonesia Raya. After listening to the national anthems of the two friendly nations, the audience listened to speeches by the Moroccan Ambassador and the Minister of National Development Planning / Head of Bappenas, Mr. Suharso Manoarfa.

In this event, the Ambassador of Morocco, H.E. Mr. Ouadia Benabdellah, expressed his deepest gratitude to the Government of Indonesia for the diplomatic cooperation that has been established for more than 60 years. The Moroccan government, said the Ambassador, really appreciates the collaboration that has been created so far between the two countries, which is not only diplomatic, economic and other official cooperation, but also close friendly relations based on a sense of brotherhood, religious ties, solidarity, and the principle of national unity and sovereignty.

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The Moroccan Ambassador also explained the various achievements that have been implemented in the special program for 60 years of relations between Indonesia and Morocco. Although the two nations are facing the problem of the Covid-19 pandemic, several joint activities can be carried out by strictly adhering to health protocols. Some of the program activities include the establishment of the Indonesia-Morocco Trade and Investment Cooperation Council (DK PRIMA), holding a joint webinar with CGEM (Commerce Chamber of Morocco) with the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Moroccan Culinary Week in Jakarta.

At the end of his speech, Ambassador Ouadia Benabdellah informed that the Government of the Kingdom of Morocco had completely vaccinated all its citizens and foreigners in Morocco. This success has significantly suppressed the transmission of the Covid-19 virus and made Morocco as the first country in the African continent to have completed vaccinating its people.

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Meanwhile, the Minister of National Development Planning/Bappenas, Suharso Manoarfa, in his remarks congratulated the Government of the Kingdom of Morocco along with all its people who were celebrating its National Day. Minister Manoarfa hopes that the cooperative relationship that has been established so far will be further enhanced in the future in various fields. The Minister also explained the various successes that have been achieved by the two countries, including in terms of handling terrorism and maintaining world peace. Manoarfa did not forget to express his gratitude for the provision and addition of the scholarship quota for Indonesian students who wish to continue their education in Morocco.

At the same time, PPWI Chairperson, Wilson Lalengke, conveyed Congratulations and Success to the Government and all Moroccan people on the celebration of the 22nd Anniversary of the Coronation of the King of Morocco, King Mohammed VI, on 30 July 2021. “Congratulations on the 22nd anniversary of the enthronement of His Majesty Mohammed VI, King of Morocco. I wish all the best for His Majesty, the entire Moroccan, and Your Excellency Mr. Ouadia Benabellah,” said Wilson Lalengke, who is also the President of the Indonesian Sahara Moroccan Brotherhood (Persisma).

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For all parties, especially journalists and reporters, who did not have time to watch the event lively, you can watch the video of the event on the following Youtube page of the Moroccan Embassy. At the end part of the video, various activities of the Moroccan Embassy were shown, including the ‘Ceremony of Appreciation with The Indonesian Citizen Journalists Association’ which was held by the Moroccan Embassy with PPWI on February 4, 2021. (PERSISMA/Red).